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Chris Rempel The man behind ActuallyRank is Chris Rempel from The Lazy Marketer. Chris is a Canadian Internet marketer, super affiliate, product creator and entrepreneur. He is most well known for his book – “Confessions Of A Lazy Super-Affiliate”.

The Confessions of A Lazy Super-Affiliate has helped many struggling marketers make the much sought-after breakthrough. Following this huge success, Chris Rempel moves on to release more high quality products where one of his another winner is the “Conduit Method”. It has won many praises from other super affiliates and students alike.

What is the best part about Chris Rempel’s products? Needless to say, they are of such high quality that many have benefited and become successful marketer themselves. One important thing to note is that Chris’s products are all priced lowly. They are designed to be affordable so that more people can learn from them.

Most part of his teaching is also about getting organic traffic, basically all about generating free traffic. And this is very interesting as targeted free traffic is certainly very powerful and one of the critical success factor when comes to marketing on the Internet.

At the time of the writing of this post, Chris Rempel is getting ready to launch his latest product – “ActuallyRank”. Based on his excellent track record and looking at how things are heading, ActuallyRank is geared to become another huge success. Chris will be launching ActuallyRank on March 29th 2011 (to be exact, the door will be open at March 29th 12:01 AM Pacific Standard Time).

What will you be benefiting from ActuallyRank? Well, to start with, it saves lots of your precious time searching for high PR link sources yourself. And even if you do spend the time, you might not be able to locate that many quality link sources. They are real link sources, PR3, 4, 5 or higher (PR on the actual page itself) from real authority sites such as government, news sites and educational blogs. Thousands of such link sources are handed over to you monthly.

There will be no difference this time on the affordability factor. ActuallyRank is also priced lowly. You only pay $3 cents a link! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get real serious link juice once the door is open on March 29th. Act quickly as seats are limited.

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