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ClickMeeting Review offers top notch features for creating and delivering web conferences. It offers a range of packages, which include month-by-month options or annual subscriptions. This makes it flexible for growing companies or institutions and means that money won’t be wasted on inappropriate service lengths.

Product Key Features

The ClickMeeting online conferencing platform offers a cost-effective, audio-visual alternative to “being there” – on any platform, from any browser – no installation required. Affordable, all-in-one ClickMeeting packages provide the full suite of tools enabling users to:

  • Set up, schedule and host unlimited online meetings of up to 25 people and presentations for up to 1000 people from users’ desktops in minutes.
  • Present, chat, conference using up to 4 high-quality video streams at once.
  • Share desktops with attendees for real-time collaboration and insights.
  • Brainstorm and whiteboard for an instant, visible exchange of ideas and information.
  • Fully customize meeting rooms to create a unique, branded experience.
  • Control audience interaction, shared media, and functionality with intuitive admin panel.
  • Boost meeting productivity and ROI by eliminating travel downtime and costs.


No need of technical expertise, intuitive and user-friendly interface, support up to 1000 attendees


Ordinary sound quality, non-integrated invitations due to redirecting users to email


There is a 30-day free trial offered to potential customers who want to try out the services before buying them. When ready to purchase, customers can choose any of the five plans. The first plan is a web conferencing plan where 25 attendees can take part in a web meeting. The price of this plan is $30 per month. There can be two presenters and two hours of video recording. The next plans are all webinars. They start from $40 per month for a group of 50 attendees. Four hour of video recording can be done where 4 presenters can preside over the meeting. The subsequent plans have a specific number of attendees and video recording option. The fee increases correspondingly. If buyers were to choose any of the plans for annual payment, the fees would cut by 25 percent.


A sleek and clean cloud-based conferencing tool facilitating any virtual meeting with little or no learning curve for small- to medium-size businesses that prefer sophisticated features, fair pricing, and cross-platform compatibility.

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