ActuallyRank Review

Update [10 Aug 2011]: ActuallyRank is LIVE now! Spots may filled up within 24 hours. Hurry, click here to join.

Update [8 Aug 2011]: Actually Rank is re-opening again on next week. And this time with only 40% spaces left to be filled up. The previous opening was filled up less than 24 hours. Do not missed this one! I will keep you posted with the exact opening time.

Update [29 May 2011]: Finally, ActuallyRank is re-opening on June 2nd!

p.s.: In the space of one month ActuallyRank is live, members are seeing 1st page rankings with only 10-20 links built. Awesome result! Hope you won’t miss the chance to join this time and don’t forget my awesome bonus too!

Update [30 March 2011]: Just received email from Chris that the membership is filled up. It is filled up in less than 1 day. ActuallyRank is that good! But no worry, the good news – Chris will be ***opening ActuallyRank again in 3-4 days time. Make sure you check back here for update and don’t miss it!

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Not another push-button software or “automation” nor another private blog network. ActuallyRank is truly a breath of fresh air. One that is much needed for serious marketers ranking for serious keywords. ActuallyRank is a monthly service where you will be provided with thousands of Dofollow High PR sources for finally getting REAL rankings. And the high PR is not on the domain but on the page itself!

Does ActuallyRank work?

There are various methods of doing link building, however to rank for competitive keywords, the usual stuff such as article marketing, building link wheels, create profile pages, blasting articles to private blog networks, etc. just could not work. Don’t get me wrong, those stuff are still useful, it is just that they don’t have much link juice, therefore they are not effective in ranking competitive keywords.

To rank for such keywords, buying links is a must. I am sure any experience marketers would tell you that. Depending on your keywords, most of the time you many only need about 10 or even less of these high PR backlinks to rank in the SERP compared to thousands of those low quality links. However, buying links are extremely expensive and time consuming.

The key question is how else could you get high PR links that is low cost so you could maximize your ROI? This is where ActuallyRank comes in. There is no other service comparable to ActuallyRank in term of ROI. Imagine buying high PR links at only 3 cents per link!

  • To join as a regular member, you are given 2000+ new dofollow link sources every month at a rate of $69 per month. If you need more, you can go for higher end packages.
  • 20% of those links are guaranteed to be PR2+, PR3, 4, 5, etc. (PR on the actual page, not just root domain.)
  • What you need to do is just to spend a few minutes daily to put up comment on those links sources. They are sources from authority sites such as educational blogs, government sites, news sites, etc.
  • To further maximize the link juice, these link sources are guaranteed to have less than 20 outbound links at the time of harvest.
  • And to bring it even further, your link sources are exclusive to ONLY you and 14 other members or less.

Those are the critical success factors for REAL ranking. It can’t get any better. ActuallyRank just plain works!

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Over deliver

Speaking about over-delivering, for the low monthly membership you are paying, a “project management system” is built in for your membership account.

  • You can create a new linking project where you can keep track of the URLs that you have leave your comments. This is useful for further indexing activities as well as getting more link juices to those backlinks.
  • Based on the thousands of link sources given to you, you can easily break them into different campaigns or shortlist them based on the PR value, domain backlinks lookup, page backlinks lookup and QuantCast snapshot.


There is only one downside to ActuallyRank– the work needed for commenting on those link sources. That is the only downside if even you could name it as one.

In fact, for the commenting, it can be done easily and effortlessly. Just spend few minutes daily to leave a few comments. Remember that you only need a handful. One REAL link can easily beat thousands of those “fake” links.

However, if you are still finding that too much work, then just outsource it. Outsourcing can also be done easily and at a low price.  What I find effective and low cost is to hire freelancers from the Philippines where you could pay them per project basis or hourly.

Limited Availability

The memberships are cap at about 500 members as it is impossible to provide “unlimited” link sources. The memberships will certainly be filled up fast.

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