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Incapsula Review

Incapsula is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that offers customers the highest levels of website security while increasing traffic speeds by up to 40% and helping you reduce bandwidth charges at your hosting provider.

Incapula is one of the best DDoS protection services provider in the market giving every possible and flexible service that are must for your online business. If you own an e-commerce or business websites that has a high volume of visitors 24X7 throughout day and night, then Incapsula can provide you with high class DDoS protection through their cloud based networking.

Flood attacks have become a more common problem for many webmasters and business owners now days. Many volume based attacks like SYN flood and DNS amplifications can totally cease your business by stopping the access of your network to its potential users. Incapsula ensures you a highly efficient DDoS protection and automatically mitigates the DDoS attacks with minimum false position so that the users won’t know whether the site is under attack.


  1. Resilient and flexible: Incapsula uses cloud based computing for giving you a highly efficient DDoS protection for your existing network servers. This infrastructure protection service is built on an Incapsula’s global network of high powered data centres so that you can easily implement it on your existing network servers with ease.
  2. Best customer support: The customer support provided by Incapsula is best in the business and it has global scrubbing centres with network capacity in excess of 600Gbps. Incapsula also provides you a high class 24X7 customer care support with automatic activation and triggering of DDoS protection.
  3. Ease of Deployment: Moving a website and its associated applications over to the company’s service takes little more than following the instructions given by a three-step setup wizard, which basically consists of adding an existing website to the service by entering the URL. Once the URL is entered, Incapsula automatically scans the site for any needed host, DNS and IP information. After scanning completes, the product offers instructions on how to change DNS records to activate the service.


Incapsula provides an unparalleled and unmatched service that (in our opinion) has yet to be seen anywhere else to date.
As you’ve seen it can provide an additional layer of security to your site, increase performance and also offset resource loads from your infrastructure with a few simple DNS changes.

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