AudioJungle is the world’s fastest growing marketplace for world class royalty-free music, sound effects and audio content! AudioJungle has an audio library of around 200,000 items (at the time of writing this at least) including music loops, music packs, source files, and both full length vocal and instrumental tracks.

At AudioJungle you can buy and sell royalty-free music and sound effects that are completely Podsafe for just a few dollars, which includes a Buyer Fee. The site is home to a bustling community of audio composers and producers.

Audiojungle pricing varies depending on the artist. A typical audio track will cost somewhere between $10–20.

You can find both audio tracks and sound effects (SFX) on Audiojungle.

Some audio tracks are made for looping, which means a 2-minute track could be repeated for 10 minutes without any noticeable gaps.

It’s no secret why The New York Times boasts AudioJungle as a world contender in royalty-free audio. AudioJungle isn’t just a market place however, it’s a community where authors and buyers come together to form successful long lasting business relationships. So whether you’re a producer, an indie film maker or a large production company,they will no doubt have the audio that’s perfect for your upcoming projects!

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This week, we review VideoHive. It’s like iStockPhoto but for videos, and can save you literally thousands of dollars in expensive video production.

It’s super easy to use: VideoHive is basically licenses to videos that you can fully customize. So, you remember the old UPS whiteboard commercials that have become really popular? I’m going to show you an example of that, just so you can wrap your head around what you can do with it.

So hopefully, you get the idea. You can customize all of that text, you can add your company logo. And the only thing you need to do that is the program Adobe AfterEffects. You edit it yourself. This video, for example, costs 30 bucks for the license. That’s something that would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to go make on your own.

Also they have fancier videos at their disposal. If you want videos with 4D cinema, after effects and motion effects, Video Hive has them. You can then use a video editing program to customize the videos to your specific message you are trying to get across.

Animated logo by sound in Cinema 4D Project allows you to make your own 3D intro which will move by your sound.


High quality professional videos gives you and your site credibility and authority.
Sort videos by various criteria (date, title, author, price, rating, etc.) to help you nail down the videos you need.
Earn money though Video Hive by selling your own stock if you wish.
Save money and time by buying cheap quality videos instead of spending a fortune to have them created for you or doing them yourself.


Videos aren’t geared towards typical internet marketing niches like weight loss and insurance, but with some creativity you can make them relevant.

So,, a lot of good stuff to play with on there. Go check it out, hopefully you can utilize it for your own company.


CodeCanyon is a marketplace for WordPress plugins, jQuery plugins, Bootstrap plugins and more. Created by Envato.

Envato is based in Australia and was founded in 2006, although their huge network of workers come from all over the world. They are a world class open source (PHP code) and a creative company committed to creating high quality products and services for their worldwide clientele.

The company’s CEO is Collis Ta’eed and the company was co-founded by Collis and Cyan Ta’eed. Some of their many websites include a host of Envato marketplaces where you can buy and sell digital goods: Tuts+, which is a wide network of online educational sites where you can learn online fields in graphics and development, audio and motion productions; FreelanceSwitch, an online freelancer community website; AppStorm, a site for the latest in computer technology; Creattica, a site showcasing online galleries, 3D works, advertising, business cards, web design and more; and Rockable Press, which is an online publishing brand for freelance writers.

At the moment CodeCanyon contains more than 8,000 scripts, plugins and widgets which makes it market leader in delivering top notch products.

How do I shop on CodeCanyon?

If you have decided to purchase any plugin or script from CodeCanyon, there are certain things you should do.

  1. First you need to create your account on Envato here
  2. After easy to fill form and confirmation you will receive your personal secured account
  3. Next you need to add balance to your account, which is the money you need to purchase items from CodeCanyon
  4. Choose ‘Purchase’ and confirm your order
  5. Download purchased plugin and start using it on your WordPress site immediately

P.S. You can also purchase plugin using your PayPal account without adding balance, but take into consideration that additional $2 fee will be applied by Envato in such case.

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With over 900 WordPress themes available for quick purchase and download, ThemeForest has successfully managed to create the winning concept of selling stable and beautiful themes to a price the average WordPress user can afford.

Themes Category

Themes in stock are majorly portfolio themes and themes for small business websites. But there is also many magazine, personal and photography themes worth checking out. Also make sure to see what’s available in the Creative category.


ThemeForest is not short of world-class WP theme developers. If you are looking for excellent theme functionality, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Since they are pooling resources from hundreds of high end developers from across the world, ThemeForest has the most extensive network of tools that will surely provide you with every single detail you should need.

The site is categorized into the following main categories: WordPress, Site Templates, Marketing, CMS, eCommerce, PSD Templates, and Plugins. Known best for their thousands of different WordPress Themes from hundreds and hundres of different authors, ThemeForest is the the largest WordPress Theme marketplace by far in existence today.


ThemeForest offers one of the lowest prices among the various WP Themes today, with the exception of those who offer them free of course. Their price for WordPress Themes ranges from as low as $30 to as high as $60 per Theme. The company doesn’t really offer any special deals or combos while most of their competitors operate on a 3-in-1, 4-in-1 or a special discount to buy all themes.

What We Like

+ Wide Selection of themes
+ Reasonable prices
+ Excellent user feedback system
+ Give out a free theme monthly
+ More than just WordPress themes available

What We Do Not Like

– Extra fees if you don’t deposit set amounts of money
– Some designer’s quality and support is lacking compared to others.
– Easy to buy wrong theme


Overall, Themeforest is an excellent resource to find premium WordPress themes to fit virtually any need. It is important you do further research on each seller and make sure they are dedicated to updating their theme and have great feedback on their work. If you choose to buy from the right people, chances are you will be extremely happy with the Themeforest marketplace just like I have been through all my previous sales. I do recommend buying themes from Themeforest as long as you take precaution and are smart with purchase decisions.

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Envato Studio is a portion of the fast-growing Envato network. It specifies in showcasing their hand-picked designers and developers to get work done. Their aim is to make “getting creative services done by people whom the buyers can trust as easy as possible and for the buyers to acquire a high quality services they deserve”.

To make it happen, Envato Studio allow freelancers or better known as the service providers to create a virtual shop-front for small services across a wide range of the creative discipline. Services offered to buyers could be anything starting from photo retouching and logo design to WordPress plug-in development or coding an email newsletter.

Top Features

Envato Studio Express Services Feature

This new feature is part of the general integration of Envato Market and Envato Studio.

Through Envato Studio Express Services, when a buyer purchased an item with a corresponding customization or Express Service available, a buyer can now easily connect with an Envato Studio service provider who would customize the item quickly for a reasonable amount.

Dispute Resolution Process

It’s a great aspect that will surely give assurance for safety and secureness to both buyers and service providers. Dispute Resolution Process is a robust framework which allows trained Envato Studio staff to resolve disputes between buyers and service providers fairly.

Services Shopping Experience

Buyers can freely check, verify and validate the service providers before hiring a designer. They can compare prices, portfolios, community recommendations and more to select the talent buyers are most excited to work with.

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MOO includes some of the most innovative designs in business card printing services. Using their exclusive “Printfinity” technology, you can have a different designed printed on each of your business cards. This means you can have a variety of different business cards ready for each unique client and business opportunity.


MOO’s website has an inspiration section that shows you how different businesses have used MOO’s business card printing technology to market their business. They have examples from artists, photographers, software companies and retail stores that have used their business cards as promotional cards, product tags, portfolio pieces and gift tags. All cards come in a special business card holder for convenient storage.

The ready-made business card templates are nothing like we’ve seen from the competition. The best way to describe them is fun, professional and modern. They aren’t the typical, stale clip-art designs available from other business card printing services, but beautiful designs created by MOO’s talented graphic designers. You can customize these templates to be double or single-sided and horizontally or vertically orientated. The templates are also available as mini cards, which can definitely set you apart from your competition.


MOO has NFC cards, the latest in business card design that lets you tap and share your information electronically, cutting down on how may paper cards you actually need to carry.


MOO’s prices are several times higher than most business card printing services.

Final Recommendation

MOO has an amazing selection of high-quality business cards that will help your company’s services easily stand out.

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A new provider with the rather philanthropic mission of delivering free mobile service to all, FreedomPop takes a different approach to its broadband plans. It offers both dedicated 4G plans, which tend to be cheaper, and plans that offer additional nationwide 3G roaming at a slight premium. Where FreedomPop stands apart, however, is its ultra-budget option: You can sign up for a free, 500MB monthly allocation that can be used with any Sprint-compatible USB modem or mobile hotspot.

The Company

FreedomPop’s mission is to deliver free and fast mobile services to all Americans.

FreedomPop is a new wave telecom company launched publicly in October 2012. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and backed by Skype Founder Niklas Zennstom’s Atomico, Mangrove Capital, and DCM. Delivering unprecedented value and convenience to the mobile market, FreedomPop ensures that no American is left off the digital grid.

How FreedomPop Works?

FreedomPop website, submit your zip code and email to find out if you live in an area serviced by them. Since FreedomPop operates through Clearwire and Sprint, it is likely you will be able to take advantage of what they have to offer. requires the purchase one of their devices for connectivity to their data plans. Many of them are geared toward those who seek to increase the capabilities and usage of their mobile phones, laptops and tablets while on the go.
FreedomPop’s plans are based around a data bundling system. Any unused data for that month is bundled and then is sold for a lower price. This enables them to offer great deals to their customers.

Plans Available

With the 500MB plan, it is enough to let you browse Facebook, check your email or order food online, if you plan to connect to the mobile internet more often or stream any sort of video, you’ll want more data to play with. With plans as small as 1GB and as large at 10GB, most casual users should be able to find an allocation that suits them, for prices notably cheaper than what’s offered by the competition. Other considerations aside, $60 for access to 10GB of 4G LTE data is a solid deal. You can sometimes find even better ones on the FreedomPop website, but they change often and aren’t always clear.


FreedomPop is designed for those who don’t do much on the internet other than browse Facebook and check email. If you fall into that category, though, it’s one of the cheapest options available, and might even be free.

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Extracted from the company website:

Beyond, The Career Network, helps millions of professionals find jobs and advance their careers, while also serving as the premier destination for companies in need of top talent. Founded in 1998, Beyond gives its members a central location to search for millions of jobs and engage with original and curated career content from over 1,400 sources. Beyond’s network of 500+ talent communities use integrated social features to help members discover relevant career news, advice and resources.

The Features:

Unique Career Portfolio infographic:

Like LinkedIn, is uprooting the traditional resume. creates a visually appealing infographic of your work history, skills, accomplishments, and awards, which acts as a destination to point contacts and recruiters to. By keeping this information updated, you not only have a professional online presence to promote yourself but also a more artistic way to stand out to potential employers.

Hundreds of professional communities:If you like to keep up on all the latest trends, news, and opinions in your industry, then’s Career Network is for you. Join the conversation in one of the hundreds of interactive talent communities. These communities are great places to uncover industry insights for use in an interview or when networking for a job. Millions of people use these communities every day to share information and to support others seeking jobs in their industry.

Personality assessment tool for career exploration:

If you’re considering a completely different career,’s personality assessment tool is a great starting point since it helps you figure out what motivates you and helps identify your perfect job. The free personality questionnaire shows you what personality type you fall into. After you complete the test, you receive a Candidate Personality Assessment and Career Mapping Analysis Report to help you match your personality type to career paths that are ideal for you.

Premium membership features to help you stand out:

If you’re willing to spend some money during your job hunt, for $24.95 per month, loads you up with tools to help you get noticed. For instance, you get listed on top in employers’ databases when you apply to one of their jobs, which increases the chances of getting your application read. Additionally,’s Twitter job feed and premium company search tools add more ways you can find a great job.

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MaxCDN is one of the largest Content Delivery Network provider. They accelerate your site and decrease the server load.

MaxCDN has grown to become one of the top CDN providers for WordPress users. The company has created an affordable and easy to use Content Delivery Network which serves as a perfect solution for WordPress Users.

Should you use MaxCDN for your wordpress site?

We would highly recommend you do so. The main reason behind our decision was site performance and SEO. After the Google Panda update, everyone knows that site load time plays a crucial role in your search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

What is CDN?

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance.

A CDN drastically improves your site’s load time by distributing the static content across the all servers in their global peering network. When a visitor requests a page, the static files are served from the CDN’s server which is physically closest to his/her (the visitor’s) location. Static files include JavaScript and CSS files, images, custom web-fonts and other web objects.

Why MaxCDN?

  • MaxCDN’s start plan costs only $9/month and their plus plan costs only $39.95/month without discounts. The start plan offers 100GB bandwidth per month. It’s more than sufficient for medium-sized sites.
  • MaxCDN is very easy to set up and use. Setting up MaxCDN on WordPress sites using W3 Total Cache requires 5 minutes of time at most.
  • MaxCDN has data centers around the world. They have numerous servers (edge locations and peer locations) all over North America and Europe. New edge locations are planned in various parts of Asia.


As well as site loading speed increasing, MaxCDN will have a big impact on user experience on your site.  Due to pages loading much quicker, this will help reduce bounce rate and keep people on your site for longer.  This in turn will lead to more pageviews as people will be more willing to check out your other content that you have on your site.

One of the reasons we decided to make changes to our site was because we had had some server issues.  On a couple of occasions our server was under pressure at our busy periods, leading to our site crashing a couple of times.  MaxCDN offers better crash resistance by distributing the load from your server across their own set of servers.  So, your site shouldn’t have as many (if any) problems like this again.

Like we have said, search engines are putting more emphasis on site speed, so the faster your site loads; it will have a positive impact on your SEO.  Site speed can help you rank higher in the search engines, which can help drive more traffic to your site.

Competitive Pricing

MaxCDN offers a very reasonable pricing despite its brand value. An annual subscription will get two months free. Plans start at 9 USD per month, with a limit of 2 zones. The same plan would cost you 90 USD annually (instead of the usual 108 USD).

High volume pricing starts at 499 USD/month for 10TB, including a 1 on 1 setup call. And guess what, the annual discount applies here too!

Who Should Use MaxCDN?

Well, anyone really!  If you have a website with a global audience, it can help your site out significantly.  This is even more relevant if you have a very large website with lots of content.

One of the great things about MaxCDN is that it is easy to integrate with WordPress.  You can just set up an account and install MaxCDN on WordPress pretty easily.

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If you are looking for hourly job to earn some part time pay, this review is for you. Read on to find out how you can land yourself a part time job with Snagajob.

Snagajob is the largest job search site for hourly employment.

Founded in 1999, the company provides online recruiting for hourly part-time and full-time jobs in a wide range of industries, including entertainment, retail, and foodservice. Jobseekers can also submit an application and search through thousands of available positions across the US. The company keeps the jobseekers’ profiles as long as they are updated regularly. Registering 20 million job seekers since its inception, it has counted 7-Eleven, FedEx, Wendy’s, Home Depot, and Staples among its customers, as well as small businesses and government agencies.

Is Snagajob A Scam? Or in other words, is it safe?

One of the first things I noticed about was how useful the “job resources” section on their website was and I took advantage of reading through quite a few helpful articles to get informed and inspired. Next, I visited the Better Business Bureau to see what kind of rating this company had and I was pleasantly surprised when it said “A+.” It turns out has had only 25 total complaints filed since 1999, a figure that was shockingly low for a company with well over a million members since the BBB tracked them many years ago.

The Features

From customer service to health care, Snagajob posts thousands of part-time and full-time hourly jobs. These positions turn over frequently, ensuring a steady new stream of opportunities each time you log in.

Easy-to-use resume tools from partner sites:

Once you find the right jobs, you need to set yourself apart through your application. Improving your resume is the easiest way to do this. Snagajob links you with, which offers free templates, samples, and formatting tools to help guide your resume improvement process.

Job alert emails sent straight to your inbox:

A big time saver, especially for job seekers juggling family responsibilities, is getting new job postings sent right to you via email. Snagajob does well matching your searches and profile to relevant job alerts. Sometimes, recruiters also send out email notices about job opportunities in your area. Setting up job alerts for your search is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out.

Job search tips for hourly workers:

Part of the challenge of breaking into a new job is learning about techniques to get better search results, enhance your image in the eyes of an employer, and nail interviews. The job tips forum provides you with rich information from industry experts at Snagajob. The feature even lets you post specific questions about the job search process and Snagajob answers them for you as soon as they can.

How it works?

The online job board makes searching and applying for both part-time and full-time positions simple; but first, you need to register on the site. The registration is of course free. Most listings require that you apply for the position on the corporate website rather than this site, so you should be prepared to fill out a different application on each job you apply to.

They offer a limited amount of support that takes the form of FAQs, email support and telephone support. The site also provides a number of job resources, or articles, on a variety of employer- and job seeker-related topics. The folks at, or “Snaggers,” have also been gracious enough to create job advice videos for users. The videos are by no means professionally recorded, but the videos oftentimes give a humorous perspective on such topics as the “Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing.”


If you are looking for hourly job, Snagajob definitely is the place you should try it out. They have job postings on wide range of industries, as well as from large corporations and also small business.

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