If you are making a lot of international call as part of your business daily operations, you may want to check out Vonage.

Vonage is a hosted VoIP service provider that provides Business VoIP and Residential VoIP service to people and businesses around the world. As one of the oldest VoIP service providers around Vonage provides Hosted PBX PBX VoIP service to millions of businesses and customers across the globe.


Like other VoIP services, Vonage comes with E911, the emergency response system that puts your street address on file alongside the phone number so first responders can identify where help is needed. E911 is now a fairly standard feature.

It also includes, with its price, voicemail, call waiting, free 411 calls, and online access to call logs and billing history.


  • Ability to use the same line in a different place, with Vonage Pro
  • Huge number of subscribers, over two million
  • Gives you an ATA along with the service
  • Money back guarantee (14 days)
  • Supports phone number portability
  • Many features
  • Low international rates
  • Supports 911
  • Offers a second line for only $9.99
  • Sophisticated and user-friendly web interface, for online account management


  • Does not have numbers in all cities
  • Setting up the service requires a minimum skill
  • Many users report poor customer service
  • The 911 service is difficult to handle

Customers Reviews

Here are some reviews of Vonage compiled:

ilikeme from dslreports.com,

I have had Vonage for about 4 years now and it has been great. Got locked on to the $9.99 unlimited for life plan, which comes to about $17 after taxes and fees. I have never had any trouble with it, even when taking it with me to the UK for a month.

1norcalman from voip-info.org,

I’ve been with Vonage for more than three years. I live primarily in Mexico and the sound quality and service is really quite good here using a DSL connection. The fact that when I am traveling I can take the adapter and use it pretty much universally is awesome.


Vonage can lower your monthly home phone bill pretty significantly, especially you make a lot of international calls. Vonage’s international plans are superb.

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